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There are many tours and activities that you can do in Playa. Tony and Cheri at the Luna Blue can help make your reservations and they have brochures and information for many of these activities such as seeing ruins, swimming in cenotes, visiting the water parks, parasailing, riding ATVs through the jungle, etc. We've done many of these as well, so feel free to ask us questions.

If you want to check out some cenotes in the coolest place ever, you have to check out Hiddenworlds. I have been there and the underwater caves they take you through are awesome. They give you a wetsuit, a snorkel, a mask, and life jacket. They take you way underground and guide you on snorkeling tours of some really deep cenotes. They also have ziplines and a skycycle. I am totally pumped to try the skycycle...haven't done that yet.

There are many activites that you can find along the beach in Playa: snorkeling, diving, parasailing, jet skis, bananna boat, etc.

For days that you don't want to spend on the beach recovering from last nights party, there are several different day trips you can take that are pretty interesting. Some places to see and check out are Tulum, Akumal, Coba, and for a long day Chitzen Itza. There are companies that will take you to these places and show you what you want to see. Or you could take a bus to these places. Sarah and I have visited all of these places and they are unique and are amazing to see. Check out some of our pictures and let us know if you are interested in going and we will try and steer you in the right direction.

There are also two large parks that are both very intersting and fun. You can take a quick bus trip or a taxi to get there. Xcaret is fun and has an amazing night show that represents all of the states in Mexico. Xel-Ha is also very fun with a lot of water activities.

We have arranged a sunset cruise with Catamaya on Monday, October 13 at 3pm. This is a 3.5 hour cruise on a big, beautiful catamaran including an open bar, dinner (normally a choice of steak or lobster), and a snorkle stop. They provide the transportation (it leaves out of Puerto Aventuras, about 20 minutes south of Playa) and the snorkeling equipment. The cost is $72 US dollars a person (including a $17 discount per person from Tony and Cheri). Please RSVP here if you want to go or do not want to go. We need to give them a head count so that they can sell the remaining tickets. You can pay Cheri at the Luna Blue at check-in (please plan to pay in cash) or if you are not staying at the Luna Blue let me know and we'll arrange it. We've done this several times and it's a lot of fun! Normally the water is mostly calm, but please bring Dramamine and take a few hours before the sail if you tend to get sea sick. If you have any questions, send us an email!

I'm so excited...there is a futbol (soccer) game at home on the 11th at 4pm. They are a lot of fun and a pretty cool experience! Hopefully some of us can make it to the game! The stadium is just two blocks north on 10th Ave. from the Luna Blue. Here are a few pictures from a past game, but they don't show how fun it is. You can buy some good tacos and snacks and beers in a bucket!


If you want to go to Tulum, it's about an hour ride and you can take a bus, collectivo, or taxi:

I don't know what the cost of a taxi is because we've never gone that way. It's the most expensive option, but they drop you off at the entrance I think. My guess is that it would be about $60 USD each way. Too expensive in my opinion.

The ADO bus may leave out of a different bus station than the one on 5th ave. If so, this station is on 20th between 12th and 14th aves. Sorry, I haven't gone to Tulum by public transportation in awhile. You might want to buy your ticket ahead a little early to figure it out. You can buy your ticket at either station. Tickets are 44 pesos each and it leaves at 9am, 9:40am, 10:20am, 11am, 11:40am and returns at 1:45, 2:30, 3:45, 4:40, 5, and 6pm. When you get into the city of Tulum you will have to take a taxi to the ruins (ruinas in Spanish). The bus station is on the highway, but the ruins are actually on the beach. That taxi fare should be pretty inexpensive b/c it's not very far. Maybe $5-$10 USD is my guess.

There is also a collectivo (white van) which many locals take to work (I used to also when I wored in Puerto Adventuras). You catch them on 2nd street between 15th and 20th aves. It's only 25 pesos (each way) to go all the way to Tulum. The vans leave when they are full (10 people) and the AC usually works really well. I think the collectivos are pretty fun if you are into doing things the way the locals do! They pick up and drop off in their direction all along the highway, so you can take these to any place going south if you want. You just have to yell out your stop when it's time. For Tulum, it's the last stop, so everyone gets out. Again, you'll have to take a taxi to the entrance of the ruins.

I haven't done this in awhile, but I think there is also a small ADO bus station on the east side of the highway in Tulum (first stop in Tulum maybe). Ask the driver (and hopefull you'll understand) where the best place is to get out for the ruins. There is a small area with restaurants, shops, and the flying men (men on a pole playing music-see picture below) a few miles from the entrance to the ruins. If you see this area, you can wait there and a tractor type transportation comes around to take people to and from the ruins. The cost is 20 pesos each way I think. Sorry, I haven't done this in awhile, so I don't remember the details. If you want to go to Tulum we can figure out all the details in Playa.

If you get dropped off there If you want a guide, you can get one at the entrance. They are very informative and it's interesting to know the history of the ruins. The beach in Tulum is absolutely beautiful, so bring your towel and wear your swimsuit if you want to hang out there too.

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