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Travel Insurance:

We don't even want to write the word "hurricane" here, but we have to. While Sarah lived in Mexico there were two catagory 5 hurricanes and one was in mid-October. June-December is hurricane season in Mexico, so we are crossing our fingers that the weather works out. We went to Mexico this past October and it was beautiful. I doubt we get trip insurance for ourselves and we never have before, but if you want to look into it, it's probably not a bad idea. I asked our friend that is a travel agent and this is what she said:

Well, insurance is tricky when it comes to hurricane coverage. What I book via my tour operators is cancel for any reason for a full refund, so it includes hurricane coverage. But independent insurance doesn't always. I use Travelex when I book my trips (when I don't use a tour operator).

I usually just get the Travel Lite policy, sometimes the Travel Plus policy but I don't think they cover hurricanes, you have to poke around in there to see. Otherwise you can check out Insure My Trip for other vendors to see if they offer something with hurricane coverage.

The cost usually goes by trip cost per person and ages, Travelex does anyway. So you add up airfare and hotel, add in age, select the level of coverage and get a quote. The reason you might want insurance is for emergency evacuation, if you need to get out fast and have to purchase another flight at full cost


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