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Cell phones/Internet:

Your cell phone should work fine while in Mexico as long as you have international calling activated. Most newer cell phones have this on by default I think. People will call you as normal, but it will beep on their end of the phone rather than ring like we are used to. Many people confuse this as a busy signal and hang up, so let people know ahead of time if they will be calling to expect the beep instead of ring.

Also, caller ID usually does not work while in Mexico. If you make calls from Mexico to the US it will cost between .49-.99 cents a minute and none of those family plans or free plan to plan rates qualify while in another country. If you call someone in the US from Mexico, you need to dial 001 before the area code and number.

The Luna Blue has a US number which is 415-839-8541. You can leave this number as an EMERGENCY contact. Even if you aren't staying at the Luna Blue, we can be reached here. Another number you can leave for emergency calls is Sarah's Mexican cell which is 011-52-984-129-9966.

If you have internet access on your cell phone, using it in another country can really add up. We've seen some articles online where people have been charged a crazy amount for the data usage. I think if you turn off the WiFi capability and don't use the phone for internet/email, you'll be okay. I'm not sure if we will have our iPhones on or not.

There are internet cafes all over the place and they are very cheap. Try and use email to communicate back home. Phone cards can be used to call home, but they can be a pain to use.

If you chose to bring your laptop, you have to take it out of it's case to go through security each time. Place it in it's own container with nothing else. The Luna Blue has wireless internet. Get the password at the front desk. There is not a public computer at the Luna Blue.
There are internet cafes all over town that are very inexpensive (normally 20 pesos/$2 USD per hour). These places are the cheapest places to make international phone calls also. The closest internet cafe is El Point which is on 5th avenue between 24 and 26th streets. There are also several restaurants/cafes on 5th between 26th and 28th that have internet service. I think some are free if you buy something and ask for the password.


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