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Adam's Version:

On March 1, 2006, on a last minute whim, I went to Mexico to hang out for a 5 day weekend. I didn't really need to go to Mexico after I had just bought a house a month earlier, but I did anyway! The plan was to hang out at the Luna Blue (a hotel that I had stayed at on a previous trip) and spend some relaxing time at the beach. I arrived during a party that Tony and Cheri (owners of the Luna Blue) were throwing (a customer appreciation) sort of party. As I walked into the hotel there were a ton of people already having a good time. Tony saw me right away and said he had someone to take my bags to my room! He then yelled into the crowd for Sarah. As she walked through the crowd he told her “Take this boy to his room”! I then met Sarah, who by the way didn’t carry my bags at all! She did show me to my room, tried to make me a pina colada and as the saying goes, the rest his history. Two years later, over 60 days of traveling to Mexico in 2007 alone, here we are! Getting married. If you don’t believe in love at first sight, you might want to reconsider.

Sarah's Version:

I wrote this to Adam a long time ago, so it's really cheesy! What can I say...we emailed and "talked" online for a year and three months, so I had to find things to write about! Anyway, it's easier to copy and paste (with a few minor edits!) rather than rewrite!


How we met...I was living in Mexico, you were vacationing in Mexico...

You stayed at the Luna Blue and we just missed each other one day. I didn't know what you looked like yet or I would've stuck around! After you went back to the states, Louise was still in Playa and showed me a picture of you on her camera. Wow! Okay, he's cute. This whole time on the forum I thought you were an old man...

Now looking back, I think we were set up! Louise emailed me many times about how wonderful you are. Tony and Cheri encouraged me to spend time with you...even hinted around that you should stay with me the one night their hotel was full. I kinda laughed it off!

Going way, way back...through the Playa forum (Adam and I were both members), you asked me to send you a Bomberos shirt that you didn't get a chance to buy since I was heading back to the states for Christmas. We emailed a few times through the forum when I was home in December. In January, I suggested in your birthday thread on the forum that you should buy a plane ticket for yourself for your birthday. I remember walking in the Luna Blue office and T&C saying, “Guess who’s coming for Peep Fest?!” And then the comments about where you would stay that one night started! We emailed through the forum a few more times b/c you offered to bring anything down that I needed. You said you owed me for the Bomberos shirt. Nice, you said you’d bring my Crocs and even got me a discount!

I hurried to the hotel with at least 2 giant trash bags of popcorn for the party. I wondered if you were there yet. I knew you were arriving today, but I didn’t know what time. I quickly looked around. No Adam yet. I think I even asked when you got in. So, blenders started and people were pouring in. I’m not sure where I came from or how Tony managed this, but as soon as you walked in, he grabbed my arm, pulled me over, basically threw me in your face, and said, “Show this boy to his room.” I can remember the look on your face as if it was yesterday. I really feel like time stood still for a minute. I didn’t hear or see anything else.

I actually think Genaro took your bag upstairs. I followed him, but you did not. Of course my drink station was right outside your door. Nice, Tony! You still weren’t around, so I thought I’d hang out there and you’d show up. I tried to make drinks. Okay, I’m not good at it, but I can do better than what I did! They were terrible. I spilled stuff all over the place too. I was nervous and had butterflies! Eventually you came up and Tony did too. I couldn’t believe how hot you were!

For most of the week we seemed to spend every minute together possible. Often neglecting much needed sleep to just hang out. I remember wanting to kick myself that I didn’t talk to you at the beach olympics...and then you were gone. I was happy that you were at the Luna Blue when we went back (and thrilled when we went to Babes with T&C). I remember saying T&C spend every minute together (even trips to Wal- Mart together) and you saying that’s how it should be. I remember walking to the peep meet at the Tequila Barrel and seeing you there. I sat across the street and told Shawn about you on the phone. Bet you had no idea! I remember you putting your arm around me at the Beer Bucket. I remember meeting others for the sunrise on the beach...and feeling connected to you. I remember being mad that you were in a different van (knowing it was a set up) on the way to the cenotes, but also laughing to myself that 1) I could finally sleep a little and 2) no one had any idea that we were out all night! I remember sharing my rum and coke with you and Tony busting us and me being worried about you swimming to what seemed like Cozumel. I remember ordering for you at Fogon and hoping that we could get rid of Kinz. And, I remember wanting to help you clean up your deck b/c I didn’t want to leave.

And I remember emailing Maria, Shawn, and my sister the next day and saying that I just met the guy I was going to marry.

Some pictures from this trip:


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