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Wedding Details:

We are thrilled and so appreciative that our friends that Sarah met through church, Gena and Patrick, are allowing us to have our wedding at their house. Below are photos of Patrick, Gena, and Mischief along with pictures of their home in the Sian Kaan.

We will be married in the Sian Ka'an Biosphere (meaning "Where the Sky is Born" in Mayan) at 2:30 on October 12, 2008. This area is about an hour and 15 minutes south of Playa, so we will provide transportation to the wedding and back. The reception will be held here as well. The transportation will depart from the Luna Blue at 12:30 pm. If you live in Playa, please let us know if you will be riding with us.

Please wear whatever is comfortable and cool. It's going to be hot out, so make sure to drink plenty of water and wear sunscreen! Also eat before you leave Playa. We will have dinner after the wedding, but not until around 4:30.

We will be taking pictures before and after the wedding. After the wedding, feel free to grab a drink and check out the area. Across the street from the house is also Patrick and Gena's land. There is a path that leads to a palapa out on the lagoon. The views from the rooftop are amazing as well.




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