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Update: We will be meeting at the Luna Blue Bar each evening around 6:30 and going to one of our favorite restaurants. If you want to come along, great! We’ll be happy to show you some great food! If you want to go on your own, that’s fine too. If you have any questions about restaurants just let us know. We’ve eaten all over town (and since you all know us, I’m sure you’re not surprised!). Here are a few of our favorites:

El Fagon has amazing Mexican food and it's very cheap. They are open until around 3am. They have three locations: Const. between 25 and 30, 30th Ave around 4 or 6, and 30th Ave around 32. Get the tacos al pastor! Pizza Pazza has great pizza and really different options (shrimp, pinapple, etc.) They have a few locations around town and they are open very late also. Locations are 5th Ave around 16th street, 10th Ave between 5 and 10 aves, and 10th Ave between 8 and 10 streets.
HC Monterrey is our favorite restaurant in Playa. They now have a location on Const. between 25 and 30. Get the National Steak meal for about $10. See picture to the right. YUM! HC Monterrey (again). Although it's hard to choose, this is our favorite restaurant in Playa!
cacao Ah Cacao has good coffee if you are a coffee drinker. I like the Hot Vanillas drinks b/c I don't like coffee. Their brownies are the best we have ever eaten! It's on Const. at the corner of 5th Ave. El Sarape is open very late and has great, authentic food. Go at 3am and it will be pretty interesting as well!
The food carts have amazing food and it's very cheap! Get fresh OJ and cochinita pibil which is delicious pork on tortillas (tacos) or bread (torta). These are mainly for breakfast and you'll find them in the morning by hte main bus station on 5th and also some on 30th ave. For when you want something other than Mexican, try Babes. Two locations: on on 5th just north of the Luna Blue and one on Calle 10 between 5 and 10 aves. Get the Sweedish meatballs! They have huge, delicious margaritas!
cueva Cueva del Chango (Batcave) has many fresh juices and homemade breads, soups, etc. The food is great! Try the juevos rancheros for breakfast. The restaurant has a stream running on the ground and a snake made out of bottles on the ceiling. Beautiful place! It's They are not open for dinner. 38th street between 5 and the ocean. This app from Carboncitos is great! All fresh salsas! Great tacos al pastor here as well (not as cheap as Fagon though). Nice place to sit and people watch.We like to get the chicken and chorizo (Mexican sausage) with cheese.
pesca Pesca is a great seafood restaurant on 30th ave across from Mega. It has a large palapa top, so you can't miss it. Try the cazuela de camerones. Rich soup broth with many large shrimp.    


Others with more info coming soon:


Doña Marias

La Tarraya      




We know the best places to eat and the best bargains! You can eat and drink pretty inexpensively in Playa if you know where to go! Check out some yummy pictures:


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